FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARY Nothing says “I Love You” like jewelry. Look at the list below to see a few suggestions, and then stop by the store to see what fits your budget.

Anniversary                                         Modern Gift
1st                                                         Gold Jewelry, Watches
2nd                                                        Garnets (all colors)
3rd                                                         Pearls, Crystals
4th                                                         Blue Topaz
5th                                                         Sapphire
6th                                                         Amethyst
7th                                                         Onyx
8th                                                         Tourmaline (all colors)
9th                                                         Lapis
10th                                                       Diamond Jewelry
11th                                                       Fashion Jewelry
12th                                                       Pearls
14th                                                       Gold Jewelry
15th                                                       Watches
20th                                                       Platinum
25th                                                       Silver
30th                                                       Diamond
35th                                                       Jade
40th                                                       Ruby
45th                                                       Sapphire
50th                                                       Gold
60th                                                       Diamond